About Us

Friends of Nias is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing medical services in Lagundri Bay on the island of Nias, Indonesia.

Our foundation is an Indonesian based charity with tax deductible status through World Relief Australia. Our aim is to help the people of Nias Island who require medical care at no charge. We hope to gain support through charitable donations and by treating visiting surfers via their health insurance.

Friends of Nias has upskilled a team of local Doctors and Nurses who are engaged in running the Clinic on a day-to-day basis. They aim to provide free medical services to the impoverished people of Nias Island. The Clinic will be seeking financial support through charitable donations and aiming to increase sustainability by offering paid services to visiting surfers.

For anybody who has experienced the beauty of Sumatra, or the magical waves of Nias this is an opportunity to give something back to the community. Friends of Nias was founded by surfers and led by the late Dr Raf Ghabrial’s passion to create a medical service for locals, visiting surfers and travellers to the region of Lagundri Bay. Friends Of Nias remains in place in honour of the late Dr Raf Ghabrial and the incredible work he did.

Lagundri Bay. One of the world's top 10 waves.

Our advisory board

Dr Raf Ghabrial

Raf is an eye specialist in Sydney. Also a keen surfer with numerous trips to indo since 1985 and Sumatra since 2004. Each trip there seems to be some surf incident or local who can benefit from medical treatment. Raf lives in manly and knows Pete and Rob through their first born sons now 21 years old.


Dr Mark Gillett

Mark is in his seventh decade and travels the world hunting waves and snow… when he is not senior consultant and associate professor in accident and emergency at Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney. He has contributed to developing medicine in the Maldives, PNG and Fiji.


Pete Buckley

Peter is an advertising and communications specialist and a long time surfer of questionable ability but limitless enthusiasm. A father of three, Pete lives in Manly and bobs up in the surf anywhere between North Steyne and Long Reef as often as he can.


Rob Sherington

Rob’s calm presence and mellow vibe belies a unique ability to jag the best waves anywhere along the beach. Rob co-owns a digital marketing company in Sydney and is married with two kids.